Portable Crimping Tools
Portable Crimping Tools
Designed to accommodate hexagonal, circular shell and indue type dies for applying ocmpression fittings to copper, aluminum and ACSR conductors. Features: * Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance to the connector hold postion with minimum pumping action. * Replaceable "DROP-OUT" By-pass Valving Cartridge for easy shop repairs. Guarantee 5,000 continuous crimps. Pre-set value of 700kg/cm2 (10,000 PSI). * Fiberglass handles * 180 degree rotatatable head * Comes complete with double molded plastic case. * 38mm~325m2 Standard Dies.
Cat. No. Model No. Description Dimension Weight
ST12 ST-12 110V / 2500W 12V 風扇溫度在50℃關 40℃常溫
ST24 ST-24 110V / 2500W 24V 風扇溫度在50℃關 40℃常溫
* 標準附件含壓著模具 38mm~325mm² (7)。